16 years ago today… (before Chat GPT!)

Today, we remember our Dad, Peter, who died 16 years ago. Dad was known for his use of vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes, creating a sense of movement and energy in his work. His paintings almost always depicted the Welsh landscape, capturing the beauty and power of the natural world. Dad's work was widely exhibited and collected during his lifetime, and his work is held in many collections, such as The Tate and The British Museum and exhibited at Messums, London and the Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff.

16 years ago Facebook had barely begun. We can't imagine what Peter would have thought about his eight-year-old grandson generating a website post about him in seconds via artifical intelligence tool, Chat GPT. He'd be thankful that the same couldn't be done to create paintings..... yet!

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Photo credit; David Hurn, Magnum Photography

16 years ago today… (before Chat GPT!)

Updated: 14/01/23