Mr Bates v the Post Office

Mr. Bates v the Post Office (ITVX) seems to be the TV drama on everyone's lips at the moment. As a result, this house in the Nant Ffrancon valley is...

Posted: 05/01/2024


Exhibition, 30th April-24th May, Ffin y Parc

We are pleased to announce that, for the first time in over 10 years, an exhibition of Peter's work will be opening in North Wales next Sunday. The...

Posted: 24/04/2023


A period of transition and other news

After 33 years of avid support for Peter's work, the Martin Tinney Gallery, this week, closed its doors. We would like to take this opportunity to...

Posted: 02/04/2023


16 years ago today… (before Chat GPT!)

Today, we remember our Dad, Peter, who died 16 years ago. Dad was known for his use of vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes, creating a sense of...

Posted: 14/01/2023



Normally news on here is almost solely about Peter and his work. However, throughout almost all of his painting life, Lesley, our mother, was by his...

Posted: 03/11/2022


Updated: 06/06/18