40th Anniversary of Art Foundation in Bangor

40 years ago Selwyn Jones and Leslie Jones set up the Art Foundation Course in Bangor. Graham Meredith, Ed Davies, Paul Davis and Peter were the...

Posted: 28/09/2020


July 2020, Barton towards Milford, 1976 (Oil on Canvas)

Peter enjoyed painting at Barton-on-Sea where he and Lesley visited her parents during the summertime. Over the course of a few years he made a...

Posted: 29/07/2020


May 2020, Study for Foundry Painting, 1993

This painting was a study for a larger foundry painting made in 1993. Artists were invited to make work about anything that the National Museum of...

Posted: 18/05/2020


Martin Tinney Exhibition; a digital viewing.

Sadly, the Martin Tinney has had to close its doors due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you didn't mange to see the current show of Peter's work, please...

Posted: 29/03/2020


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