40th Anniversary of Art Foundation in Bangor

40 years ago Selwyn Jones and Leslie Jones set up the Art Foundation Course in Bangor. Graham Meredith, Ed Davies, Paul Davis and Peter were the first lecturers on the course. Peter's eldest son, Owein has led the course since 1997. He has written about this experience both being taught by Peter in the life room and teaching there himself.

'Like many other Art Foundation students in Bangor, I was lucky enough to be taught life drawing by my Dad, as a young student over 30 years ago. They were by far the most intense, challenging and rewarding lessons I’ve ever had.

30 years on I find myself teaching in the life room on the very same course, every Friday from September to November. And I can still hear his voice! Telling me to ‘LOOK’……… “you’re not looking” became something of a catchphrase for him, with students even getting it printed onto a t shirt for him at some point in the eighties. I can hear him hammering home the meaning of structure and form in relation to the figure, and talking about the space within the room.

Though a pale imitation of him in the life room, I strive to create some of the intensity he did, an intensity that was so important for me and several generations of foundation students, and I can still feel the pressure of him watching my every move over my shoulder.

He would talk about knowledge being passed down; from Henry Tonks, to Bomberg, to Auerbach, to himself. I often talk to students about this and show them images by all these artists, including drawings my Father made of the model Jan. Jan still works with me on Fridays in the life room in Bangor.'

40th Anniversary of Art Foundation in Bangor

Updated: 30/09/20