A period of transition and other news

After 33 years of avid support for Peter's work, the Martin Tinney Gallery, this week, closed its doors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin for his longstanding and loyal support of Peter's work over the years. We wish him every happiness in his retirement.

As is often the case, when one door closes (quite literally in this case), another is ready to open. As such, it is with much pleasure that we announce that Oriel Ffin y Parc are taking over the reins. We can't be happier that, once again, Peter's work will be shown in North Wales and in the most beautiful of settings. If you're yet to have visited Ffin y Parc, we highly recommend it. Especially between 30th April-24th May this year! https://welshart.net

Additionally, you can currently see Peter's work on show at Oriel Ynys Mon in the Celf ar y Cyd exhibition which runs until the 14th May. This is a touring show of 'the nation's favourite artworks' which were selcted by the general public. https://www.orielmon.org/en-gb/whats-on/celf-ar-y-cyd

Messum's Fine Art, St James continue to represent Peter's work in London. https://www.messums.com/artists/view/415/Peter%20_Prendergast

In other news, we are pleased that Cardiff National Museum have recently taken possession of Peter's sketchbooks. They will now move forward with the process of digitally archiving these so that they are available to the public to view online.

A period of transition and other news

Updated: 02/04/23