January 2020, 13 Years on..

It seems hard to believe that it's 13 years since Peter died. Barely a day passes that we as a family, don’t feel his presence. Through our...

Posted: 14/01/2020


December 2019, A Christmas Gift

Every so often Dad (for the sake of this post) would 'give' us drawings or paintings. Sometimes this would be a verbal agreement, such as a Cork...

Posted: 24/12/2019


November 2019, Drawings found on the reverse of Prendergast painting

We were very grateful to Professor Tony Curtis who last month highlighted us to some drawings on the back of one of Peter's paintings, now owned by...

Posted: 26/11/2019


October 2019, 'Self portrait in Red', 1992

Its been a while since we've posted a self portrait and always enjoy sharing one to mark Peter's date of birth (27th October). Unusually this...

Posted: 31/10/2019


September 2019, Damp Evening, Nant Ffrancon Valley

An apt painting for this September's (late) work of the month; 'Damp Evening, Nant Ffrancon Valley'...

Posted: 30/09/2019


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